Breaking Bad Habits and Building New, Positive Habits Doesn't Have to be Hard

 Pavlok Habit Coaching Can Help you Break your Habits Once and For All.

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Would you like to know how to kick your bad habit(s) to the curb without having to rely on will power? Without nasty relapses or crashes? Without failure and embarrassment?

Do you wanna be able to look in the mirror, peer into your eyes and smile, knowing that you’re in complete control of YOUR life once and for all?  

Do you wanna be able to live free and happy, full of energy, health and life?

Imagine the Possibilities.

Now, imagine if you didn’t have to “suffer” and “fail” to quit your bad habit anymore….imagine it required zero willpower, that it “just happened”.  

It has taken the Pavlok team many years of trial and error, but we finally have created a system that straight up works ninety-nine point nine-nine percent of the time.  

Listen clearly---  

This system will work wonders for you if you need help with:  

-Smoking -Binge eating/overeating -Oversleeping -Negative thinking -Pornography/Sexual addiction -Nail biting, skin picking and hair pulling -Procrastination -Lack of motivation  

You see, because we’ve “cracked the code” we can help others just like you get on the next level and over their roadblocks quicker. 

Create a “North Star” Plan - The truth is… without being CRYSTAL clear on your personal vision and goals, it will be very easy to get off track and let your focus drift.  

Set Up A Reward & Punishment System - One of the most powerful systems to actually achieve your habits is to make serious, non-cheatable commitments. Start with the easiest possible action, and slowly build up to the full habit over the first month or so. Each time you move toward your goal you will receive a reward of your choosing. Each time you fail, you will punish yourself. Sounds oversimple but it’s very scientific.  

Get Help & Accountability ASAP - Find a group and/or coach to hold you accountable. Each day, you check in with them. As you progress through this process, you’ll have a log of what worked and what didn’t. By the end of this 90 day process, you’ll see a massive impact on your habits, happiness and health. Without this crucial step, you will be doomed to fail. Left to your own devices you will let yourself down.


As you know… in order for you to become Captain of Your Life and Habits, you need to be committed to yourself, your loved ones and to applying the basics and fundamentals.

This is YOUR MOMENT, friend - a chance into a whole new life and world of freedom, happiness, health, hope and abundance for you… with none of the relapses, stresses or having to rely on your will power…  

You Don't Have to do this Alone...

Do you know about the 21/90 Rule?  

Here’s what it means: “It takes 21 days to break an old habit. And 90 days to build a new lifestyle.”  

There’s some awesome behavioral science behind the 21/90 Rule which has to do with the way the brain is hardwired. It gets pretty sciency and boring - but this is what you need to know:  

We have created a “New Habits Incubator” master program to help you break your old habits and create a New Lifestyle in 90 days or less… guaranteed.  

Here is a taste of what’s waiting for you within the program:  

→You will discover exactly how to break a habit and make that stick (and a repeatable process to build or break ANY habit regardless of how long you’ve been doing it!)  

→ Awareness of the nasty pitfalls that hinder your success and the right tools to use to help along the way  

→ Recorded Coaching Calls w/ Habits Transformation Coach Lauren Kesseler Doyle  

→Personal “Permission Therapy” to help wean you off your bad habit without having to go cold turkey and experience nasty relapses  

→Getting Started with positive replacement habits (Your Guide To Transformation)  

→ And much, much more!  

This “New Habits Incubator” is designed specifically with the 21/90 Rule in mind. Because the truth is, left to try and figure our habits out on our own… we’ll let ourselves down. Time and time again.  

Having someone to hold you accountable and motivate you to keep going is an essential part of creating a whole NEW LIFE for yourself!  


We will check in with you to make sure you are on point. Miss your commitments? Watch out! Zap. We will use bets, zaps and agreed upon "deterents" to make it more enticing for you to go ahead and keep your commitments than break them. 

A mapped out plan

just go in the customized Pavlok coaching app and follow your microhabits daily, mapped out just for you

Our Habit Programs

We have several coaching plans that will work for you no matter what your budget. 

24/7 Message Support

Your coach is there for you no matter what. We are there to make sure you don't fail and give you personalized direction along your journey.

Recorded Consulting Sessions

You'll get to sit down with your coach on a regular basis via live video chat and build a complete strategy for success.

Regular Check-ins

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, we are not going to leave you hanging with generic "how are you" messages. We give you genuine, personal feedback. 

Access to our Exclusive Membership Resources

We listen to you. We continually update our membership resources so you are always up-to-date on what is out there to help you succeed. PDF worksheets, podcasts, apps, websites, interviews etc. 

Progress Auditing

This is not a once size fits all program. Audits and adjustments to your needs and progress are assessed regularly. You're on fire? We adjust accordingly. Struggling? We'll make adjustments to help carry you through.

Group Support 

Want to be inspired by others? You have the option of being added to a habits group to help keep you motivated. 

What Our Clients Say

"In the six weeks since starting to work with Lauren in the Pavlok program, I’ve made more progress in stopping my habit than in the previous 7 years."  

-Jared B

"I'm able to fall asleep at night. without the grinding over of everything. It's astounding... it's amazing. I am just so thankful for Pavlok Coaching"


"Gradually those habits start to stick (66 days!), and you can't believe how you used to live. And you can't believe what an unfair advantage you have over everyone else." 


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