Productivity * Habits * Accountability 

Are your habits KILLING your business? 

I want my sanity BACK!

"Over the years I have purchased a bunch of courses. I got advice from a bunch of other business owners. I read a bunch of books. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I just never did it.  

The special sauce is that Lauren takes ownership and does what it takes to keep you accountable and get those new habits established. "  

-Gajan Retnasaba, CEO of Spiralyze

Are you stuck? 

Running a business means wearing many’re the CEO, marketing department, accountant, IT guy, sales rep, legal team, and sometimes the janitor.  

It means you spend so much time trying to maintain what you do have…  

Wasting hours on tedious admin work that “just needs to get done” Spending all day in meetings trying to get a grasp of what’s going on only to realize it’s the exact same thing as the day before Giving up precious time to put out fires. Fires that could have been prevented, but you never put systems in place to prevent them never get the chance to find out what you could have!  

As a business owner, your job isn’t to keep the ship from drowning. Your focus should be on the horizon, on the final destination.  

You can’t do that if you’re bogged down in admin work and stuck putting out fires.  

Now, I should probably tell you “this isn’t your fault”, but if I did, I’d just be lying.  

That said, it’s not too late to get back on track…  

In fact, you should be happy it’s your fault…  

If you’re the source of the problem, you’re also the source of the solution!  

And as a business owner, you already know this.  

Growth depends entirely on you.  

The business lives or dies entirely based on the decisions YOU make.  

But here’s the problem:  

When your brain is in crisis mode, you can’t make decisions clearly.  

Your attention is always somewhere else, and so you end up making decisions you regret later.  

Now, what’s the solution?  

Well, if I told you time management, you’d probably just say “yeah yeah, I know”.  

So I put a fancy name on it instead: “Streamlined, business-oriented productivity maximization.”  


Ready to kick things into high gear? 

 Create Routines

Create routines that allow you to get more done while working less...all while actually having fun!

Discover your zone of genius 

Discover your zone of genius AND your time zone of genius...two powerful principles to ensure you’re always operating at the highest level!

Maximize your awake time

Never sacrifice a good night’s sleep again! I’ll show you how to maximize your awake time so you sleep like a baby every night

Productivitiy secrets that work for YOU

Reveal the secret to getting 3 hours back for every hour you work...this is the real secret to growing your business without pulling your hair out


Gain a badass accountability partner who’s right there with you as you discover your own secrets to greater productivity

Optimize Sleep patterns

Create habits that make sleeping and waking the easiest part of your day

Create Systems for yourself and your team

Discover systems that not only work for you, but work for your team, so everyone is on the same page 

Intuitive Development 

Exercises for your brain! Develop and trust your intuitive awareness so you make better decisions for you and your business.

Apply now and let’s get you firing on all cylinders!

Client Testimonials

"As a team, we've all become more productive because we're not interrupting each other like we were before. We're getting specific things done to move the business forward. It has been exponentially beneficial. That's what has really been cool, is just learning how to tweak and program your mind and sub-conscious mind, and then it just does the work for you"

John Fleitz, CEO

Plethora7 LLC.

"Lauren has been phenomenal- getting to the root cause of what has kept me from building my routines in the past. It's helped me to earn a new position as Sr. VP of Sales for our company. It's obvious that I wouldn't have been able to do it without having this coaching, consulting and guidance that I have gotten with her"

Henry McAlpin 

Sr. VP of Sales

"Under Lauren, my productivity has sky-rocketed! I would highly suggest reaching out to her, especially if you having problems with productivity and want to optimize that"

Ajay Sharma

Entrepreneur & Social Media Manager

"Lauren helped me discover how to optimize my days based on my goals and helped me a ton in understanding the science of behavior and habits. If you're feeling disorganized and overwhelmed constantly, hire her ASAP!"

Arne Giske

Founder of Group Funnels, and FB Groups for Business

Better Time Management

Here's the deal:

  If you could manage your time better, you already would have.  

Chances are you’re still reading this because no matter how many “hacks”, “techniques”, and “cognitive enhancers” you’ve tried, nothing’s working.  

Here's Why

We’re all programmed differently.  

Our brains, our bodies, our needs...they’re all different!  

You could put 10 people with the exact same skill set in a room.  

You could give them all the exact same task.  

You could give them all the exact same work schedule and productivity “hacks”.  

And naturally, some people will outperform the rest.  


Because they responded better to certain triggers.  

That doesn’t mean they’re more productive than everyone else:  

It just means they found what’s worked for them.  

So now, we need to find what works best for you!  

Maybe you’re a night owl.  

Maybe you’re an early riser.  

Maybe you work best in short bursts.  

Maybe one long, uninterrupted stretch of time is what you need.  

Maybe you can’t work on an empty stomach.  

Maybe you can only work on an empty stomach.  

Maybe your sleep cycle needs a shift.  

Maybe you’re working out at the wrong times.  

Maybe your diet needs adjusting.  

Now, that’s a lot of variables.  

You don’t want to deal with all of these, do you?  

Of course not!  

That's where I come in :)

Hi, I'm Lauren Kesseler (Doyle)! 

As a productivity coach, I’ve been described as “half spiritual mentor, half drill sergeant”.  

I love that! I think it’s the perfect description of me.  

I grew up raising and training horses.  

Which means I spent half my time instilling discipline, and the other half trying to understand how they think.  

I don’t want to compare my clients to horses (even though horses are gorgeous creatures, just like you), but when it comes to discipline and good habits, the similarities are undeniable.  

Either way, the skills I learned from my horse days directly translate.  

What I learned then helps me get great results for my clients now!  

Entrepreneurs and business owners are interesting, to say the least. You’re constantly coming up with new great ideas, moving from one thing to the next.  

Your brain never really turns off, and so it’s hard to focus.  

Until now!  

After leaving horse-training, I completely shifted my focus to helping entrepreneurs and business owners improve their productivity, channel their energy, and grow their businesses!  

A unique blend of intuition, discipline, and boundary-setting is what sets me’s why my clients can come to me after they’ve “tried everything” and come out completely transformed!  

I’ve had clients who “perpetually live on the edge of a mental breakdown” pull a complete 180...and become high-performing machines who get at least 8 hours of sleep a night!  

I’ve had “high-functioning procrastinators” implement routines that ensure they’ve got their most important work done before 9am!  

I’ve had folks with “mad ADD” turn around and get into intense flow states for hours on end!  

The problems are different, the transformations are different, but the results are the same:  

  • More work done
  • Less wasted time 
  • Higher profits
  • Lower stress
  • Bigger business
  • Smaller problems  

I’ve seen it happen time and again, and I’d like the chance to help you make it happen too!  

So, if you’d like, click the button below to apply for a call with me :)  

We’ll have a conversation, go over your goals and your sticking points, and see if we’re a good fit to work together.  

Either way, I’ll give you some action steps you can implement right away!  

That way, you’ll leave the call with at least one way to improve your productivity.  

And if we are a good fit, we can get started immediately.  

So just click the button below, and I’ll talk to you soon.  

Let's talk!

Apply to join our Productive Entrepreneur Mentorship & Coaching Program today.

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